“[A]n artist who walks the line between indie rock and hip hop, in a fashion similar to Why?” -

“In a parallel universe where Anticon rappers from the turn of the century became the hallmark for following generations of Hip-Hop, Swordplay & Pierre the Motionless’ Tap Water would have already gone gold, perhaps even platinum.” - Rhizone

“[B]rilliant, with a style that is both powerful and soothing at the same time. Coupled with guitar-ridden and dramatic beats that feel like they were ripped from an indie romance film . . . the emotional lyrical delivery creates a mood that subtly stirs your blood. Ramsey sounds like Qwel, with a slightly raspier voice that carries much more energy and urgency.” - Incus Review

“Continuing on with his completely unique flow-patterns and drive to push the boundaries within the indie hiphop genre, Swordplay delivers an all acoustic album that digs as deep as you’re willing to let it. [Malista] is a guitar centered album with a difference in that Swordplay’s sheer harmony and severe tonality make this a truly musical project that can be enjoyed as both deep introspective and light-hearted background music making it the perfect addition to any good music collection.” - Do Hip Hop

“Both unclassifiable and fascinating.” - Tsugi Magazine (Vol. 65)